Branding for market visibility

Corporate Branding is a term we see a lot these days. But what does it really mean?

In short, what they are trying to say is that all the material, both internal and external, for a business should have a similar look, feel and message to it so that it is easily identified as belonging to your business.

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Why is it important?

People see millions of messages weekly. This creates a kind of invisibility barrier for small to medium businesses. To breach the “invisibility barrier” of this tableau of imagery every piece of material you put out into the world must have a similar look, feel and message to the design to become visible and effective.

Think about it like this. How many times has your eye slid across your junk mail, emails, and websites while surfing without really thinking about anything in particular? Suddenly you stop. Something caught your eye that seems familiar. Maybe you recognize a symbol or image that you know you’ve seen before. You find the image, you search your recollections and then you remember, \"oh, yes, I was looking for a good deal on tires and there was this mailer I received for this same business. It had a good price.\"

It happens hundreds of times a day. Familiarity is branding. People buy from places that are familiar, stable, that offer what they need at a value that they want.

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Brand Success is a process

To have a successful brand it takes time, patience, research, and the willingness to change and adjust as needed to stay visible and competitive. There are a number of factors that affect branding.

Do you have a brand? Is it consistent across all of your business material? Is it consistently used and promoted? Is it relevant and competitive?

An effective brand will bring higher visibility and drive business. If you have spent time and money-making your brand well-known but you haven\'t had the increase in visibility and business you expected you could need an adjustment to the use of your brand.

It is often not understood that alterations to the brand in form and color are not recognized as yours. When using your brand it is important to keep as many of the elements the same as the original that you have already invested in. This can take some real thought. For example, if your primary brand is on a light or white background and yet it is on a dark background or shape on your stationery or promotions the public receiving it may not connect the dots.

Stay ahead of the curve

As with most things even branding has a life cycle. Trends in business and design are always changing and evolving. If your were operating with a high level of recognition but it is now in a downtrend, you may need to rebrand.

Re-branding is taking a brand that is no longer pulling attention and getting it updated to follow current business and design trends. Breathing new life into your brand can jump-start your recognition and revenue.

Whether you’re a new start-up or an existing business you can raise your public profile and revenue with effective branding materials.

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