Design Support Services

How is a graphic design created?

Professional graphic design includes several support services to create a complete design. These may include copy writing to give content, illustration for custom images, editing to change images or content and research to make sure relevant and competitive information is part of the design process.

Not all businesses have their own art department to create this content. These activities are vital to a completed graphic design. With this in mind we offer these services to make sure we can complete your project.

If you only have a concept of what you need we can offer the services you need to get from concept to a complete design. From there you can take the digital files and give them to any vendor for production.

Design Support Services


This is a vital service to create relevant and competitive content and designs. Having material that is up-to-date with current industry news and trends and is competitive can make all the difference to your results.

Research like this takes time. We can save you that time.

We will do the research necessary to make your concept or content more relevant and competitive. 

This can include research on competitors, for industry news and trends affecting your prospects and clients as well as locating the right imagery for your designs. As a support service this is only available as part of a larger graphic design or illustration project.


What do we mean by Illustration?

In the field of design the word Illustration has come to a have very specific meaning slightly different from what you will find in a standard dictionary. According to the word Illustration means, "something that illustrates, as in a picture in a book or magazine," in the field of design it refers to items created by putting together lines, shapes and colors to create an image. This is either done by hand with pens and markers or in an illustration software program.

The most common business design item created as an illustration is a company logo or brand image. However, illustration is not limited to making logos. For example, what if you were an author and needed illustrations for your new children's book? Or you wanted an event poster?

With this broad group of Illustration you can see there are many possible applications.

We offer this support service either as part of a larger project or as a stand-alone service. We give all illustrations in digital format using the design industry standard software, Adobe Illustrator, to make sure of quality of size, color and image.  



What is this?

The words that make up your content for your project has its only special term in the field of design. It is known as copywriting. The copy is the word-content written for your promotional ads or materials.

If your project has only reached the stage of a concept then copywriting will be necessary to complete your design.

Can't anyone write copy?

While anyone can write words on a page, professionally written copy is joined precisely to get the desired result. This takes training, skill and experience. We have that for you.

When selecting your copywriter here's a vital piece of information you need to know: there are different types of copywriting. Some examples are: Advertising, creative, scientific and report copy. You wouldn't want scientific copy for an advertisement or it wouldn't be a very effective advertisement. 

It's important to have the correct type of copy for your project. Well written copy for its corresponding type can have amazing results. At the same time combining the research service with the copywriting service can have far-reaching impact on your word-of-mouth and public profile.

Do I have to pay for this service?

No, you can give us your copy or we can write the copy for you. This support service is only available as part of a graphic design project to make sure of its rapid completion.


For some projects you may have the basic concept, images and content but they are rough and in need of editing. With this in mind we offer editing services.

This doesn’t replace client proofing but is a separate service we offer to help bring your project to completion in a timely manner.

This service includes editing of provided copy (words or content) and provided images to make sure of proper quality for use with outside vendors such as printers, sign makers, display builders or webmasters.

All projects must have the minimum block of editing hours to make sure there are no barriers to completing your project. These hours are convertible to design time if the full minimum block is not needed. This support service is only available as part of a larger graphic design or illustration project.


  • Cost effective—you only pay for what you need on a per project basis.
  • Skilled and experienced copywriting
  • Industry standard illustration
  • Image and/or content editing
  • Competitor, industry trends, industry news research for effective content

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