About Frontier Design Studios

Frontier Design Studios opened in September of 2016 as a life-long ambition of owner, Lonina Ruley. Her dream was to offer affordable graphic design services to industries under-serviced by the graphic design industry.

To run an effective business you must have materials to conduct business with. Even with the internet you must still have advertisements, emails and websites.

Print materials are a backbone of business that hasn’t changed in many years. Items like: sales brochures, mailers, information packets, and business cards are still very much in use.

Then there are internal items like: presentations, training manuals and product packaging, just to name a few.

What we do

Frontier Design Studios creates affordable, professional graphic design and delivers support services to businesses within the USA for use in expanding their business.

Mission Statement

Our mission is: be the source of professional, affordable, graphic design and support services in the USA for Chiropractors, Non-profits and small to medium businesses.

Philosophy and Vision

Our philosophy is to rapidly deliver professional quality designs to under-serviced businesses at competitive prices, so we can help support them to expand their current level of business.

We can create it all and make sure it is professional and uniquely represents your business.